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Leadville 100 2009 Mountain Bike Race Videos

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Here’s a collection of Leadville 100 2009 videos in approximate chronological order. This race in Leadville, Colorado is 100 miles long, and all portions are above 9,000 feet. There’s also a 100 mile run for those seeking an something a little more challenging.

Much has been said about certain high profile participants and it reminds me of the you-can’t-surf-here-it’s-our-beach attitude. Thousands of riders participate and there are just as many different ways to experience the race. Some ride slow, some ride like possessed demons. It’s all great.

Lance Armstrong prepares for the 2009 Leadville 100 ride with Chris Carmichael and race organizer Ken Chloube.

Lance Armstrong Prepares for Leadville — powered by http://www.livestrong.com

Pre-race speech by Dave Wiens.

At the start, the levee broke and a few thousand riders spilled out.

Favorites riding together early in the race – good luck trying to grab one of those wheels.

Leaders Descending Powerline together.

Lance out in front riding alone.

Dave Wiens chasing Armstrong.

Great race video from SuperHuman Mag.

Lance climbing Power Line.

The Mellow Johny guy riding on wide road.

Lance gets a flat tire near the end of the ride.

Awards speech by Lance Armstrong.

Race report and rider results at cylcingnews.com.

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